Investigators considering supernatural tips in McCann case

Madeleine McCann: police to re-examine evidence of psychics

The calls, initially dismissed due to their unusual content, will be passed to Scotland Yard as part of ongoing investigations.

It is understood around 100 phone calls were made to the phone hotline soon after Madeleine was reported missing from those claiming supernatural knowledge of her whereabouts.

At the time, police had so many calls they requested Crimestoppers filtered out some of the more diverse to allow them to focus on the facts.

Now, five years after her disappearance, Scotland Yard will be given access to them.

They are believed to be intending to catalogue them, to ensure absolutely no detail was missed. The information will then be recorded on computer databases.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “”We can confirm we are in close dialogue with Crimestoppers to ensure that all material in their possession – from any source – is shared with us.”

The McCann family have issued a statement saying their lives have become more bearable knowing “stones are finally being turned” thanks to Operation Grange, a review by Scotland Yard investigators which had revealed “lots of new leads and new information”.

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I am completely confused. Why is “psychic” used here? What does “unusual content” mean? I assumed the worst when I began to read this but instead, I interpret it as in the original flush of tips, they focused on the more concrete-sounding ones. Now, they are going back and looking at the rest just in case they missed something. Psychic tips have never directly led to the solving of a case. They have only been matched up at the end to sound like they were associated. But another way of looking at this is that new ideas may be found that can lead investigators in a new direction. It has nothing to do with some paranormal power, it has to do with a fresh view on an old case. Any creative person can help with that. It’s unfortunate that psychics are mentioned in these cases. It gives them credibility where so far they have not demonstrated that they deserve any. If psychic powers do exist, they appear to be too weak or are not providing enough detailed information to go on.