Herbal meds sicken 130 people in Ha Noi

Ha Noi cracks down on illegal medicine – Law & Justice – VietNam News.

Ha Noi People’s Committee has required the municipal health department and relevant authorities to strengthen inspection over private herbal medicine clinics in the city.

The move was made after about 130 people, mostly children, were hospitalised for lead contamination caused by the cam herbal medicine, a powder made from various types of herbal plants used for oral thrush treatment.

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This illustrates the perils of unregulated remedies. You never know what you’re gonna get. Maybe poisoned.

Many concoctions can contain unknown plant or mineral substances that can cause allergic reactions, physical effects or toxicity. DON’T trust them – either to work or to be safe.

Sadly, in poorer countries, backstreet medicine may be the only health care people have access to. They risk their lives by taking it.