Helen Ukpabio, Nigerian ‘witch hunt’ pastor, not coming to U.S.

New Humanist Blog: Nigerian ‘witch hunt’ pastor suspends controversial US trips.

Earlier this year, we reported on a planned visit to the United States by Helen Ukpabio, a Nigerian evangelical pastor responsible for a series of threatening and dangerous campaigns in her home country against those accused of being being witches.

Now, four months after details of Ukpabio’s US trip first emerged, it seems the campaign against it has paid off, with Nigerian media reporting that she will no longer be visiting the country. In a report sympathetic towards Ukpabio, the Nigerian Voice website quotes the preacher’s attorney Victor Ukutt, who confirms that the trip has been cancelled, and makes a series of bizarre allegations against her opponents, including Stepping Stones, suggesting that the campaigns against her are a front for obtaining money through fraudulent means. This is a common tactic for Ukpabio, who has long dismissed the “child witch scam” as an atheist conspiracy.

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There was an outcry that such a person would be allowed to come to the U.S. Even a petition was circulated. See our first story. There is a severe problem with witchcraft in parts of Africa. It endangers children’s lives. These traditions are also brought to modern countries with immigrants. It’s difficult for us to comprehend such superstition taken to extremes where children are tortured and killed. This issue is getting greater awareness. Check out this piece from New Humanist and the related posts below.

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  1. bismarket
    May 2, 2012 at 10:23 AM

    This has brightened up my day/week, the only downside is that this evil women will be around the Children she damages so badly during the time she may have otherwise been engaged. That the Nigerian Gov’ allows this woman to operate is a stain on it far worse that internet scams & frauds. This woman is directly responsible for the deaths of countless Children & her Gov’ stands by doing nothing, SHAME!

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