Ghost hunter vandalism: Hard to keep trespassers out of Wolfe Manor when the curiosity is high

Ghostbusting Burglars at Wolfe Manor |

Mystery and a long haunting tradition are drawing burglars inside a Clovis mansion. But, they aren’t just breaking in, some are posting their crimes on the internet.

Fires have even been set inside the former sanitarium by vandals and thieves. Action News tracked down some of the people who admit, they break the law to investigate the home’s mysterious past.

The evidence is shaky and dark, amateur ghost hunters looking for a haunting experience are posting proof of their break in on the internet.
It’s unclear if the group is responsible for the latest damage inside the eight-thousand square foot mansion. Shattered windows are boarded up and the basement is littered with bottles of alcohol. Graffiti has marked the walls and owner Todd Wolfe says it’s become impossible to keep curious people, out. “They have brought in drills, hammers, they have left their tools behind, so all the windows have been boarded up that they have broken into, so they will take a screw gun and take all the screws out all the way around, take the board off, and then break the window to get into the house”.

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The trespassers have done damage, stole things and bragged about it. Had they gotten hurt on the property, I wonder if they would have sued the owner! As we noted yesterday in the story about thrill-seekers bugging the nearby residents, kids out for paranormal kicks don’t seem to recognize that others don’t appreciate their activities. Especially on private property.

Several ghost hunting guides are explicit about getting permission to access sites first. I’m actually amazed that so many groups GET this permission from owners to visit, but, obviously, it can be done. These aren’t investigators though. They are more thrill-seekers out for something to do.

The questions I have concern the use of the property on TV shows. Was permission given to cite the building as “haunted” and thus promote this image, thus prompting the curious? Now, you can’t help when a site may appear in guidebooks or listed in a source of local haunted places. But, if you promote the site as haunted, you might expect such nonsense to occur. This does not excuse the activity of trespassers. It just makes vandalism of abandoned properties that much more of a problem. It become too much of a draw to explore a spooky, haunted place. That’s something that has always been and probably always will be. The media exposure for haunted places makes it that much easier and enticing.