Fortune teller as excuse for child abuse

Fortune teller told mother to make children work as slaves.

A mother made slaves of her two children and forced them to work for gipsies rather than go to school after a fortune teller told her it was right thing to do.

Within weeks of the meeting, Linda Clappison started locking her son and daughter, then aged 10 and six, in their rooms and assaulting them.

She fed them only sandwiches and took the light bulbs, toys and all mattresses and bedding from their rooms, leaving them needing hospital treatment for frostbite. Clappison, 46, of Keyingham Marsh, East Yorkshire, was found guilty of two child cruelty charges at Hull Crown Court last month.

The trial heard that the mother of four forced her two youngest children to work for gipsies as slaves after falling under the spell of a fortune teller.

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I feel like there is more to this story. What did the fortune teller say to her to make her do this? As the judge notes, something had happened in her life to make her think in a “strange and illogical way’’. Was this meeting with the fortune teller a trigger to make her act out? Hard to say. But I am intrigued that people put trust in those who claim to have paranormal powers. They fall under a spell indeed, but it’s one of belief and ignorance. Is it another case of a paranormal scapegoat? These cases come up often in various forms.

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  1. May 11, 2012 at 2:50 PM

    The thing missing from the story?

    Any mention of whether the “gypsies” even existed. The other charges are detailed, but that bit is just sort of noted and forgotten.

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