Autism One conference ripped in Forbes piece

A highly critical but on the mark commentary about the Autism One conference where people sell stuff and complain about conspiracies…

Nobel laureate joins anti-vaccination crowd at Autism One – Forbes.

If you’re reading this from anywhere but Chicago, you just missed the Autism One conference, which ends today. This conference, run by Jenny McCarthy and Generation Rescue, purports to tell parents “the truth” about autism.

The conference is a veritable festival of unproven claims, offering a powerful but false message of hope to parents who are desperately searching for new treatments for their children. It’s also a nexus for anti-vaccinationists, who run special seminars educating parents about how to get vaccine exemptions so that they can enroll their unvaccinated children in public schools.

A look at the presentations reveals that rather than presenting “the truth,” one speaker after another is making unsupported, unscientific claims and then offering their own special therapy. The one thing that most of these presentations have in common is that the speaker is moking money from selling their so-called treatments.

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People like Jenny McCarthy, Andrew Wakefield are featured at this event. Luc Montagnier, whom we mentioned previously in relation to a homeopath conference, also was in attendance. The article calls his ideas “wacky” and “nonsense”. It just goes to show that Nobel prize winners can get… off track.

This is the fringe of autism. These people don’t do science well (or at all). And ironically, it is often the popular public face of autism activism. Sad.