Angel, bird or just a needed sign for pizza shop owner?

Pizza Shop Owner Spots Angel In Security Camera Footage

The owner of a pizza shop in Bloomfield believes the security camera outside his store picked up the image of an angel.

Bob Usner, from Adrian’s Pizza on Pearl Street, was checking video from overnight when he found the shot of the parking lot taken around 6 a.m. Friday. In the upper part of the screen is a white image with a distinctive shape.

“You can see a face up at the very top and you can see the hands and you can see the wings,” said Usner.

Usner believes it’s a sign from his dad.

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The shop owner has been having some tough financial times and is thinking about closing the shop. He sees this as a sign. Other people see it as a bird. Commentators on the story chastise others for shooting down this guy’s positive vibe.

Is it really an angel? No. Why didn’t they claim it was a ghost or alien? Just as plausible. Because, to him, it’s a sign and because of this belief, it will help him with his decision. We tend to look for signs when we feel we need them.

I can bet, though, this “sign” will be good for business for a while. Sadly, not sure why the news is reporting it other than as a feel good story.

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  1. Fastmover01
    May 15, 2012 at 11:03 AM

    Or it could be the mothman signalling the imminent demise of his business.

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