Witch ‘King’ opening occult centre in U.K. to prove such forces exist

Witch ‘King’ reveals bid to set up occult centre in Bristol | This is Bristol.

A man who calls himself the King of all Witches wants to open an occult centre in Bristol.

Magus Lynius Shadee says he is in the final stages of securing a venue in Park Row for his centre.

Mr Shadee, who divides his time between homes in France and London, calls himself a practising occultist.

He says his centre will offer services including ritual work, witchcraft and exorcisms.

He said: “We don’t preach, we prove. For instance, if sceptics out there wanted to see a materialisation – a ghost – we would go and show them that.

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OH MY GOSH, this story is great! Someone who can PROVE a ghost exists. Where have you been all this time?!

Shadee said: “Hopefully the Bristol centre will bud the seed of franchised occult centres across the country.” Wow, a walk-in, one-stop shop for your spells, enchantments and help with your demon infestations. I don’t know what to make of this at all but it sounds very interesting. He could make a cool million right off the bat and REALLY cause customers to come flocking to his franchise if he could indeed PROVE such supernatural forces are at work. (Million Dollar Challenge)

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