White light harrasses Illinois neighborhood

Yes, I’m confused too…

Light in sky raises fear in Champaign neighborhood

Some residents of a Champaign neighborhood say they’re being harassed by some sort of strange, white light that flies. And they say police aren’t taking them seriously.

Linda Turnbull is among the residents of the Garden Hills neighborhood who say they’ve seen the light and complained to police.

But Turnbull says police have joked about their complaints.

Police Chief Anthony Cobb says officers are looking into it but says there’s no crime that he knows of.

Tip: Strange Times

Another case of Venus perceived as “following people”? There is not enough information given on this case. I checked for other reports and can’t find it. I’ll keep a watch on this topic and see if anything more comes up.

But, THIS is easy to test. Just keep watch. If it is Venus, then the thing is there in the same place every night. It does appear super close and bright, can look like it’s following you. If it is a remote control device (these are SO common), you might hear it or be able to follow it. So, I’m a bit confused as to what this is and why it’s a big deal. No wonder the police are skeptical.