Welsh quack cancer medic jailed for sexual assault

This is a followup to our original story: Bogus cancer therapist found guilty of sexual assault on patients (Wales)

Fake medic jailed over sex offences

A depraved pensioner who peddled alternative medicine and offered treatment as a cover to molest women has been jailed for eight years.

Quack medic Reginald Gill, 77, shocked victims by falsely diagnosing cancer using a bizarre electrical probe.

Wheelchair-bound Gill was aided by a wife more than 40 years younger who helped him dupe two female victims. Leila Gill, 35, was also imprisoned for six months as the couple were jointly jailed at Swansea Crown Court.

Gill’s bogus cancer claims were all invented to allow him to carry out intrusive physical examinations of his naked victims.

Gill carried out what he described as physical “scans” on his victims using his hands. He claimed to have cured both his female victims as a result of his intrusive techniques. But neither had ever had cancer.

Source: UK Press Assoc.

The article notes that Gill’s victims had lost faith in the NHS, suggesting they turned to alternative treatments. Very sad. It’s interesting that the media can call him a “quack” now that he’s in jail. What about all the other “quacks” offering nonsense and false hope in exchange for money. Most would not be so depraved as to commit such awful acts upon patients but they are taking advantage of a false faith that everyone is operating under some code of truth and ethics. Not all are.