U.K. Homeopath raising money for fake AIDS medicine

Your *headdesk* for the day: Swim to help homeopathic AIDS clinic

A homeopath and reiki teacher in Edington is planning a fundraising swim with friends, to raise funds for a volunteer project in Botswana which she will join next month.

Anne Tottingham, a practicing homeopath for 16 years, will be working with AIDS sufferers in Botswana, through the Maun Homeopathy Project, for seven weeks.

“They have done a lot of good work out there, so, when the offer to join them came into my inbox, I decided to go for it,” she said.

“Homeopathy gets a bad press in this country, but it is popular elsewhere.

“We examine people’s emotional, physical and mental wellbeing and devise a remedy to help them heal.”

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Appalling. Homopathy does not cure AIDS. It doesn’t even treat physical symptoms. IT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING but fool people. Offering “magic pills” instead of genuine medicine that people need to survive HIV infection pretty much condemns them to death.

Homeopathy gets bad press for a good reason. It doesn’t work and yet, you have people that promote this as “good work”.

UPDATE (21-Oct-2012) Anne Tottingham JUST NOW notifies us that homeopathic meds were used in addition to anti-viral drugs to give the people more energy.