Syfy announces gaggle of ghost shows. Gag.

Just when you thought it was safe now that Grant is gone from Ghost Hunters…

Syfy Announces New Paranormal Reality Series and Projects.

3 new paranormal shows are coming up on the Syfy network!

School Spirits – Premieres June 2012 – School Spirits will tell true ghost stories of hauntings that have happened at schools across the country.

Paranormal Highway – Summer 2012 – Paranormal Highway puts the pedal to the metal as Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman investigate the most frightening claims of paranormal activity along America’s remote back roads.

Ghost Mine – In the remote woods of Oregon lays one of the richest gold mines in the United States. For the last 100 years, it has remained abandoned—until now. Soon to be re-opened by a scraggly group of miners, these hardy souls will battle the elements to find their fortune.

Source: GhostTV Blog

But that’s not all. 4 paranormal shows are in development:

Stranded – In each episode of this frightening paranormal social experiment, a family or group of friends moves into an infamously haunted location, self-documenting their experience in total isolation.

Buyer Beware – What does someone do when they need to sell their house—but it’s haunted? They call in a real estate professional who specializes in matching haunted properties with eager buyers.

Deadfinder – When the morgue drawer closes on a Jane or John Doe, rarely is it reopened. Deadfinder follows a group of mediums as they search through the vaults of cold cases using their paranormal skills to bring the mysteries of the murdered back to life.

Ghost Town, USA – Settled in 1677, Mount Holly, New Jersey, is a town teeming with reports of paranormal activity. And for the residents of this town, that’s just the way they like it.

Wow! How many ghost shows can you manage to squeeze in your TV schedule, Syfy? Maybe it’s time you changed your name to Ghost TV or something. Well, at least it’s on the “science fiction” channel…

  2 comments for “Syfy announces gaggle of ghost shows. Gag.

  1. Mike S
    April 25, 2012 at 3:03 PM

    Makes perfect sense, seeing how SyFy is a ghost of what SciFi used to be. It’s a graveyard of cheap, low-quality junk programs. Maybe because nobody is watching it anymore.

  2. Ghostbusterbuster
    May 13, 2012 at 4:10 PM

    No one is watching it anymore because it became a graveyard of cheap, low-quality junk programs.
    It used to actually focus on Sci-fi with a dash of horror thrown in. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was awesome.
    Then they turned their backs on their core demographic (people who like sci-fi, even though it doesn’t translate well to film)
    First came WWE Rasslin’. Then it all went to pot as they began a quest for the lowest common denominator. A quest with no standards of common sense, decency, shame or humanity!
    A quest that would make FOX blush in embarrassment!
    They killed the channel, and made sure no one would ever become interested in science fiction again. They murdered the genre.

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