Self-styled professional ghost hunter plans to hand out paranormal awards

Chelmsford resident spearheads New England Paranormal Awards

On Saturday, April 14, … the first annual New England Paranormal Awards will be held… CC Carole, a Chelmsford resident and a professional ghost hunter by trade, known as ‘CC the Huntress,’ will host the event.

CC the Huntress, who prides herself in combining high tech and metaphysics to pursue the paranormal, calls the historic — and allegedly haunted — location a great fit for the event.

“When your body leaves and disintegrates, you’re left with the energy that remains so we track with our scientific equipment, which gauges the different types of electricity, we are tracking the energy that remains. That’s all we’re doing as ghost hunters, it’s like a really cool science project,” said Carole.

Her tool kit includes a blend of metaphysical and high-tech tools: Dowsing rods and candles occupy space next to flashlights, electromagnetic field meters and myriad spays and powders.

“I’m kind of a skeptic myself, that’s how we approach it,” said Carole.

Carole shares her knowledge with students from kindergarten to colleges, and also holds integrated sessions for people of all ages.

Source: Wicked Local Chelmsford

There are dozens of stories about local paranormal sites and the investigtors who probe them every day across the world. I have a problem with this. Namely, so much presumption.

CC Carole calls herself a “professional ghost hunter”: There is no such thing. There is no “profession” here because ghosts have never been shown to exist let alone be “hunted” with the “high tech and metaphysics” paraphernalia mentioned in this piece. “Left over energy after you die” also has not been shown to exist. The equipment is called “scientific” but paranormal investigators use it in a PROFOUNDLY unscientific way. They are not scientists and they are not measuring paranormal activity or ghosts or spirit energy. They are measuring environmental variables. If one does not understand how to correctly collect such data and use it in a meaningful, appropriate way, it’s nonsense. It is NOT a science project. It’s pretend science and the investigation is sham inquiry. Dowsing rods, sprays and powders? Magic.

What bothers me about this is not the awards given out to locals, but the air of credibilty ghost hunters with fancy names and self-styled psychic attributes present to the public. Some of the public buys this mumbo-jumbo. They think it’s legitimate and WORSE, they think it’s science. In no way, shape, or form are ghost hunting activities science or is Carole a “skeptic”.