Second shocking child exorcism case in Sweden

Swedish town rocked by second child exorcism – The Local.

Another teenage girl in Borås, western Sweden, has been subjected to physical abuse such as kicks, beatings and electric shocks, as her parents tried to exorcise her from evil spirits.

“I can confirm that the investigation is under way and we are hoping to complete it before the summer as there is a risk the statute of limitations will come into effect otherwise,” said prosecutor Daniel Larsson to daily Dagens Nyheter (DN).

According to the paper, the girl, who was ten at the time, had been too frightened to let anyone know what was going on at the time.

According to DN, the girl spoke about being kicked and beaten badly with electrical cables. At one point her parents held her down and tried to stick live wires in her mouth to release the evil spirits through electrical shocks.

At one point she was beaten so badly that the parents were forced to bring her to the hospital where they made her say she had been assaulted by other school children, when in fact it had been her father striking her.

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Another case of exorcism in Sweden, in the same town no less. Are the two cases related? Both cases have the same prosecutor. Either way, this is just sad and tragic.

Here’s the story on the other exorcism case.

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    Some people just shouldn’t be parents.

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