Seafoam spectacular in Seaton Bay

Devon residents enjoy unexpected foam party on Seaton Bay beach

Residents from a quiet seaside town in Devon have received an unexpected invitation to a foam party after one washed up on Seaton Bay sea front during yesterday’s bad weather.

The strange sea foam arrived on the south coast of England last night and covered the whole beach front along Fisherman’s Gap leaving local homeowners baffled.

Blizzard-like conditions are likely to have sparked the appearance of the sea foam, with locals reporting a combination of blustery winds, heavy rain and choppy waters.

The white foam, which reportedly rose up to waist height, attracted huge crowds who took the opportunity play around in the frothy mess.

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This happens periodically when the wind whips up the surf. But it is quite spectacular. Often people with think it’s related to pollution but it may be natural.

Photo credit: Seaton Bay/Facebook