Sally Morgan’s show in Belfast didn’t impress reviewer

It was a night of mysticism and messages from the grave…but somehow I just couldn’t get into the spirit of things.

“Sally Morgan’s reputation has been built from her close relationship with many high profile celebrities,” ran the blurb for her show, putting a new spin on things for us sceptics.

It’s one thing to put a ‘civilian’ in touch with dead auntie Val. But if you can channel the dead Chihuahua of H from Steps — and acquire a positive reputation into the bargain — then you have a rare gift indeed.

Civilians in the Waterfront last night appeared to think so as well. It was rammed to the rafters with slightly mournful looking, middle-aged women and occasional spouse.

The spirits, it quickly became clear, are an inarticulate bunch, seemingly obsessed with random words of comfort like “nine”, or “rent book” or old fave, “don’t worry about me”.

Her most tangible power last night was the uncanny ability to obtain 24 hard-earned pounds from the purses of ordinary people.

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Oh, dear. Sally was once again, not impressive. She’s having quite the string of bad press. Skeptics are noticing that not only is she not very convincing regarding her gifts these days but she is quite disturbing in her performance. I was rivited and appalled by the first hand account given by Michael Marsh of Merseyside Skeptics when he attended a Sally show. Whether you believe in psychics or not, this sounded very upsetting. Hear Marsh’s account on Episode 109 of the Righteous Indignation podcast (second half).