Remains of a captain gone down with his ship? Fake.

“Human Torso” on Underwater Captain’s Chair Turns Out To Be Fake Skeleton Off Key West | NBC Chicago.

Authorities said they went to check out a report of possible human remains on a sunken boat in the waters off Key West and discovered it was a fake skeleton.

A sponge fisherman called the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at 1 a.m. Monday and reported that he saw what looked like “a human torso sitting on a captain’s chair about 3 feet underwater,” the sheriff’s office said on its blog.

Once it was on board, they realized that it was really part of a plastic skeleton that someone had attached to the captain’s chair and put underwater. A long-sunken boat was nearby.



Photo: Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Someone’s idea of a joke? Maybe make scuba diving more interesting? Hehe. It was a little funny. Police note they found mannequins discarded in the past.