Paranormal unreal estate circus in New Jersey continues (Update: People’s Court)

More on the Toms River, New Jersey haunted rental house.

Are renters spooked by ghost house? | The Asbury Park Press NJ |

…the family and Lopez [are] consider[ing] an offer to air their case on the television program “The People’s Court,” which has offered to cover all fees and judgments regardless of who wins if the parties agree to sign a contract to settle the matter on the show, Callan said.

David A. Semanchik, attorney for Lopez, said real estate agents acting on behalf of his client will be legally bound in the future to disclose to all prospective tenants that previous residents claimed the house is haunted.

“Plaintiffs have made claims concerning the property which are unfounded and which have led to media attention,” Lopez’s counter-claim reads. “Upon information and belief, the value of the property has decreased as a result of plaintiff’s action and statements.”

Source: APP

All parties are claiming that media attention has been detrimental to themselves and it is stigmatizing the property. But they want to solve the case on a television courtroom show? Oh the hypocrisy…

This case has been blown so far out of proportion. I’m still shocked that no one has called in skeptical paranormal investigators to look into the claims and see if they can either truly document some strange activity or determine there is none or that there is some normal explanation. THIS SEEMS SO OBVIOUS. Why has it not been done? The landlord would have evidence to counter the claims and if it turns out to be paranormal, then it’s a cash cow!

This story is endlessly confusing to me.

Dear Mr. Lopez, please contact me and I can set you up with some critical thinking investigators so we might get to the bottom of this fiasco.

Original news story.

UPDATE: (4-May-2012) This IS going to The People’s Court. How appropriate. Let it ALL play out, start to finish, in the media circus.

Both parties have agreed to have their case heard on the nationally syndicated television program, “The People’s Court.”

Kerstin Augur, publicist for the show, confirmed Wednesday that the case will be heard today before Judge Marilyn Milian in the program’s New York studio.

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  1. Ken Biddle
    April 30, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    Sharon, we could meet there and test the “evidence”. I wouldshowing be happy to take part in showing how foolish this is.

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