MORE trouble for Boiron’s little sugar pills: Another class action

Class Action Lawsuit Filed against Homeopathy Manufacturer Boiron and Shoppers Drug Mart

“Homeopathy: There’s Nothing in it” is the slogan for the 10:23 campaign, a British-based global campaign to educate the public to the fact that homeopathic preparations are typically so dilute that there is not a single molecule of the supposed active ingredient left in a standard dose. The slogan could now be used to describe the core contention of a $30 million class action lawsuit here in Canada.

The suit has been filed by leading class-action law firm Roy, Elliott, O’Connor (REO), in partnership with Centre for Inquiry Canada. It follows an open letter sent by CFI’s Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism (CASS) to Shoppers Drug Mart, demanding that it cease selling worthless homeopathic products such as Oscillococcinum, Boiron Inc.’s popular homeopathic flu remedy. In the new lawsuit against both Shoppers and Boiron, REO alleges that the two companies have, through their marketing of Oscillococcinum, committed no fewer than twelve separate violations of consumer protection acts.

The heart of the case is the claim that Oscillococcinum (“Oscillo”) does not in fact contain the active ingredient Boiron lists on its packaging.

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Here’s the kicker (and the truth):

[S]ince each 1g pill contains 0.85g sucrose and 0.15g lactose, Oscillo is in fact 100% sugar. By misrepresenting their sugar pills as containing an active ingredient, Boiron violates numerous consumer protection laws.

Boiron is under fire these days for this product in particular (see related posts below). I like it. Their product is right alongside other products in the drug store. People do not understand what homeopathy is and assume it is “natural”. There is nothing natural about dilution, succussion and water memory.

Remember this is World Homeopathy Awareness Week. Make sure you tell you family member, coworker, friend, whomever buys Boiron products that there’s nothing in it.