Minnie: Minneapolis’ own tourist-attracting lake monster

Finding Minnesota: Minneapolis’ Own Lake Monster « CBS Minnesota.

The first sighting was at Lake Harriet three years ago. Then people around Lake of the Isles, Brownie Lake, Lake Nokomis and Powderhorn Lake started seeing the creature, too.

Mary DeLaittre of the Minneapolis Parks Foundation helps take care of the creature affectionately known as Minne.

Cameron Gainer, the Minneapolis artist who created her, has displayed her in other states.

“She was presented in a variety of exhibitions, both in oceans and in still water,” DeLaittre said. “She ultimately landed here in Minneapolis and has taken on a life of her own.”

Part of Minne’s mystique is her location. You never quite know where she’s going to pop up.

The Minneapolis Parks Foundation says Minne is all about getting people excited about going spending time at the Minneapolis lakes.

Source: CBS Minnesota

What a cute story. At least we know for sure this one is a hoax not real. A lake monster with underwater wifi connection and able to tweet? Neat! And this is the positive way to promote tourism using cryptids. Minneapolis Parks Foundation is up front and honest about this being nothing more than a gimmick and no legend or myth. There ARE other communities that exploit stories of a so-called monster in their lakes (Raystown Ray in PA is completely fake. Many others are also suspected hoaxes to drum up business.)

Here’s a news report about Minnie from WCCO-TV so you can see just how impressive she is.