Little dog lost. Psychic no help.

A sad story about loose dogs, one still not found:

Psychic helps man in search for missing dog – Rutland and Stamford Mercury.

A pet owner has contacted a psychic to help trace his dog which has been missing for two weeks.

Peter Smurthwaite’s two border terriers, Cyril and Floyd, escaped from his garden in Aldgate, Ketton, just 24 hours after they moved into the village.

He was fixing a hole in the fence when he stopped to talk to a new neighbour and the dogs broke free.

Floyd was knocked down and killed a few hours later but Cyril is still missing and Mr Smurthwaite has been scouring the streets to find him.

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Mr. Smurthwaite spoke to the psychic again yesterday. He said: “For three days she has been saying he is trapped in a hole in a quarry. She said he can move but he can’t find a way out.”

It’s very sad to hear that one dog was killed. And, I REALLY sympathize with the gentleman for the loss of his other dog out there somewhere. But, I can pretty much bet that NO psychic ever found a dog. In fact, it’s not that common that psychics say they can find lost animals, surprisingly. It’s not a spirit or a human so, this seems odd they could connect to it. I hope Mr. Smurthwaite’s dog is being cared for while he looks to find it. The best thing he did was to put a microchip in the dog. This provides FAR more hope that someone will figure out to whom he belongs. A psychic certainly can’t do it with his false hope and worrying pronouncements. What drivel.

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  1. Massachusetts
    April 15, 2012 at 1:17 PM

    The commentary suggests that a psychic can connect to a spirit or a human. For the sake of argument let’s assume that’s the case. Then why not a dog? This sounds like it’s inspired by the traditional Christian belief that animals don’t have souls? Do psychics claim to require a soul to make a connection? I don’t think they all do. And there are lots of non-Christian world views which include animals within the spiritual realm.

    On the other hand, from a skeptical perspective, the existence of the soul and the ability of psychics to make any kind of preternatural connection to souls or human beings has not been proven. The assertion that psychics probably haven’t found any lost pets whatsoever may be extended to the human examples, whether helping law enforcement or in private pursuits. If there are good examples of these activities please let us know. It would be interesting to review that information.

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