Insert “Streisand effect” joke here [Woof!]

This is one of those “sources tell…” stories. But no one reads that part, all they get is the headline.

Barbra Streisand ‘hires dog whisperer’

Barbra Streisand hired a dog psychic after her pooch began suffering a mid-life crisis.

The singer and her husband James Brolin live with their mutt Sammie. Although things have gone famously for years, Sammie began making it clear she didn’t like being around James anymore.

“Turns out Sammie had suddenly grown jealous of Barbra’s relationship with James and that’s because the dog is suddenly going through a midlife crisis,” a source told National Enquirer.

“The psychic’s advice was for James to start spending more quality time with Sammie, give her lots of love and attention.”

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Allegedly, the dog is having a midlife crisis? Really? I’m sure this dog whisperer isn’t cheap and of course, this person gives out common sense advice: Spend more time with the dog and show it lots of love and attention.

Here is what you should realize if you are thinking about psychotherapy for your dog: it’s not rocket science. Ask your vet first. Of course the best thing about being a dog whisperer, is that you can’t really challenge them on what they claim the dog is saying to them. “Do you speak dog? No? Well I DO!”

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  1. BJ Taylor
    April 8, 2012 at 12:02 AM

    Give me a break. I love my dog and most other animals as well but is it news worthy that Bab’s dog is in a jealousy crisis?Geez, the main stream media has really run out of anything to talk about.. Have they finally given up Bush Bashing? Wow!.Are there needy, hungry people that deserve more than Bab’s dog? Is our nation in a financial crisis? Do we still have thousands upon thousands of people out of work? Has the energy crisis been solved? What am I missing? I think I am going to be sick!….I love being able to speak my mind. Love to hear her sing. Wish she would just do that and let the politicians do their thing.. Go take care of your dog.

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