In Ghana, being a smart child may mean you’re a witch

Girl dumped in witch camp for being brilliant | General News 2012-04-02.

A 17-year-old high school girl was sent to a witch’s camp by members of her community because she is exceptionally brilliant.

She was accused of bewitching and “stealing the intelligence” of her classmates and banished to the Gambaga Witches Camp in the Northern Region.

But thanks to the intervention of the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs (MoWAC), and non-governmental organisation, Go Home Project, the student has been freed, together with 16 other inmates of the camp.

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Good news that this camp appears to have been disbanded. But:

Currently there are about seven witch camps operating in the Northern region including Gambaga, Gnani(near Yendi) Kukuo (near Bimbila), and Gushegu, which provide shelter for people mainly women who have accused of being witches by members of their communities.

More on this topic can be found in this piece by Leo Igwe:

Right now, at least 1,000 women alleged to be witches and 700 children are living in several “witch” camps in northern Ghana. These women came to live in the camps after fleeing their homes to escape lynch mobs. The plight of these women accused of witchcraft was the focus of a September edition of Newsweek and a documentary, The Witches of Gambaga.

It’s not a small world if there are HUGE gaps in understanding in the world that are so difficult to overcome. It is promising that word of “witch” persecution is getting around. We are doing our part here to make more people aware of the issue.

  2 comments for “In Ghana, being a smart child may mean you’re a witch

  1. Terry Perusse
    April 5, 2012 at 2:33 PM

    It is interesting how much news coverage this gets – quite rightly – but to many it represents the logical outcome of googling Africa, women and smart. I wonder when they will cover how many women graduate from medical or engineering programs every year in Africa. My female Yoruba relatives are scientists, forensic accountants, property managers and traditional stay at home moms. They abhor ignorance and fearmongering. Africa has tyhe natural resources and human potential to lead the world. What will it take to get people thinking that way?

  2. Massachusetts
    April 5, 2012 at 10:10 PM

    Yes, there are a lot of great people in Africa, well-educated, well-spoken, honorable, etc. We should never loose sight of that fact. Crazy superstitious stuff happens in the US, Australia, all over the Western World, as this website has proven time and time again.

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