Homeopath threatens blogger with legal action

On April 5, blogger Dan Buzzard posted this to his blog:

Francine Scrayen sends me a Cease and Desist. – Journal of Skepticism – Dan Buzzard.

It looks like two of my previous blog posts have upset Ms Scrayen to the point where she is willing to call in the lawyers. Of course nobody likes such harsh criticism of their business practices, especially when they are already surrounded by intense public scrutiny.

Ms Scrayen is so strongly opposed to my opinions and criticisms of her that she even wants me to remove them from my blog.

My opinions and criticisms of Francine Scrayen are based upon the facts surrounding the death of Penelope Dingle and I am more than willing to defend them in court if need be.

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As we reported earlier, Ms. Dingle’s sister is suing Ms. Scrayen.

The allegations against Mr. Buzzard are for incorrect statements. He does not feel they are incorrect. Visit the link above to see his posts.

Ms. Scrayen, a homeopath, treated Penelope (Brown) Dingle which resulted in her foregoing conventional medical treatment. She died. Here are the horrible circumstances portrayed by Ms. Dingle herself in letters to Ms. Scrayen.

From the coroners report p 41

Although Mrs Scrayen stated that she had completed a first aid course with St John Ambulance Service, she stated that it was a “very basic” course and that her understanding of medical issues was relatively poor.

Rational people who understand a modicum of science can comprehend that homeopathy is nonsense and CAN’T cure cancer. (Please read this piece by Edzard Ernst for explanation.)

With Ms. Scrayen’s attempt to silence one, she has opened the curtains to shed more light on this terrible tragedy. We can hope that EVEN MORE attention to homeopathy as an ineffective treatment will shrink its popularity and prevent further cases like this. Stories of “homeopathy worked for me” are ubiquitous, with practitioners telling us that they KNOW it works because their patience say so. Well, here, the story is turned. Patients can’t speak from beyond grave but at least one powerful story can be told and the homeopathic community must face up.

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  1. April 5, 2012 at 7:45 PM

    I agree that the death of Ms Dingle was an incredibly sad and tragic case and since it occurred in my home town, I have written about it before and will continue to note new developments (many thanks to Doubtful News for being the first to update me about it!).

    But I see this as a cautionary tale for bloggers who may think that they can make judgments about cases before they are in the courts (or, as in this situation, without detailing exactly what the ruling was by the courts after a court case concluded):

    The Australian courts did NOT rule that she was killed. The State Coroner said in the news article http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/13310801/woman-sues-homeopath-over-sisters-cancer-death/:
    ‘Mr Hope said that while Dr Dingle had been an active participant in his wife’s decision-making “ultimately the decisions were those of the deceased. The deceased paid a terrible price for poor decision-making.”‘
    [My emphasis]

    BTW – the husband of Ms Dingle lectured at a school I worked at once (years ago); he did health advice tours and he continues as of the end of last year to turn up at alt med festivals. I have one of his ‘sunscreen linked to cancer’ flyers that he hands out on my desk.

  2. April 6, 2012 at 12:07 PM

    Thank you for this update Kylie. That helps me understand a lot.

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