Herbal store closing: About time?

Scots herbal remedy store faces closure over new EU laws

New EU laws are threatening one of Scotland’s oldest herbal remedy firms.

Napiers, which has been trading for 150 yrears, has gone into provisional liquidation due to a new European regulation on herbal treatments.

It is one of the largest herbal stores in the UK and offers traditional herbal remedies and therapies as well as scented oils and candles.

But new rules mean traders now have to pay thousands of pounds for a licence to make each product, while many products will only be available with a prescription.

Products like Echinacea, St John’s Wort and valerian will all be restricted under the strict new laws.

Explaining the new regulations, the European Union voiced concerns over the powerful effects of some remedies and the reaction they can have when taken with conventional drugs.

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While it’s not good that a business is going under, herbal sellers got away with a lot for a long time.

One commentator noted that many herbal remedies do “work”, but they have side effects and drug interactions that can be dangerous. They have not had to abide by the same regulations as prescription or over-the-counter drugs. That’s just not right. In addition, right alongside herbals are completely ineffective homeopathic remedies. Yet, the consumer sees them all on the same shelf. How do they know what’s been tested for safety and efficacy? The time for putting every “treatment” on a equal footing is LONG overdue.