Green meteor in CT prompting other rumors — Bring in the paranormal investigators

The glowing green meteor story continues on it’s merry urban legendary life. There were rumors of dead fish in the lake.

Week 2 in Bantam Lake UFO (or meteorite): reports of dead fish unrelated, ‘Smoking Gun’ investigating- The New Haven Register.

Dead fish in the water, plans by a “Smoking Gun” group to investigate and questions about the dangers, or not, of meteorites—it’s week two in what is thought of as the Bantam Lake UFO story.

After news broke toward the end of last week that both an unidentified person and an on-duty trooper 10 miles away had seen a glowing green object fall from the sky around 2 a.m. April 9, subsequent reporting revealed that it was most likely a meteorite.

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) spokesperson Dennis Schain said that there have been reports of dead fish—but not masses of fish. And those reports came in as early as March 21, which is weeks before the UFO (or meteorite) sighting.

“What we’re seeing is what appears to be typical phenomena in a water body such as a lake, exacerbated some by the weather we have been having; the warm weather depletes the oxygen in the water,” said Mr. Schain in a phone interview Tuesday.

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So, it sounds like people were truly affected by the story. Now, every anomaly, like some dead fish, is connected in their minds to the event. Could it be correlated? Probably not, but it human nature to do so.


The Smoking Gun Research Agency (SGRA) of Orange, Conn., is investigating. Yep. Studying the paranormal, metaphysical and Unexplained since 1997. Just the people you need to see if you want to suggest this is mysterious and unexplained. I went to their site, didn’t see anything about needing scientific experience to be a member. So, I’m not understanding how such a group could say anything much about a natural event such as this. There is no evidence that this is anything beyond normal. Unusual. But not paranormal. Yet, they get press space in the newspaper as if they were experts.