Green falling object causes publicity surge about UFO in Connecticut (UPDATED: Silly and serious)

Originally published April 13, 2012 10:18

A mystery in the hills: Bantam Lake sighting lures nationwide attention

About 2 a.m. Tuesday, two separate reports, one from a state trooper, were called into Litchfield County Dispatch: a green object the size of a whale dropped from the sky. The trooper, who was in Warren, estimated it was headed for Morris; a driver on North Shore Road in Litchfield said it splashed into the lake, prompting a boat search by firefighters.

Litchfield buzzing with talk of UFO falling into Bantam Lake

Morris firefighters made several passes up and down the lake in a boat looking for a possible plane crash, but didn’t find any debris, according to the AP story, which said, “Authorities called off the search, leaving the mystery unsolved.”

So what was it?

The answer comes from professional meteorologists. According to the National Weather Service, there was a meteor shower that morning.

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A friend once told me a story of him and another person who were driving at night many years ago when they saw a bright falling object. One of them was convincing it landed just over the hill, the other was sure it burned out and didn’t land at all. They discuss it to this day. I have also witnessed a green fireball, and it was amazing. These things are deceiving to our eyes especially if it surprises us. Obviously, had an object crashed into the lake, that would have been noticable, producing waves and some evidence of the event.

I suppose this story has gotten widespread attention because it was a police person who reported it. They are assumed to be highly credible witnesses. But EVERYONE is pretty bad at eyewitnessing events, even cops and scientists. It’s nothing to be surprised or ashamed about because we all stink at it. It’s the limits of our senses, we can only perceive so much, our brain fills in the rest.

UPDATE (14-Apr-2012): It looks like some folks are pushing to waste some government money on a boondoggle.
Bantam Lake UFO story prompts a push for state officials

As the buzz about the glowing green object that reportedly fell into Bantam Lake around 2 a.m. Tuesday, April 10 entered day two —and went international — the lark of a UFO story took on a more serious tone and also saw its silly side embellished.

At the same time the restaurant Lazy Frog’s in Morris offered a “Welcome Aliens” greeting on a sandwich-board sign announcing 99-cent coffee, and the luxurious Winvian inn and spa noted in an electronic mailing that aliens would prefer the “Stellar” midweek rates, a former head of a lake protection group was pushing various officials to investigate what happened—and what the implications are for Connecticut’s largest natural lake.

The Bantam Lake Protective Association’s former president, Robert LaBonne, sent an e-mail to State Sen. Andrew Roraback (R-Goshen) and State Rep. Craig Miner (R-Litchfield), telling the legislators the he is receiving e-mails from as far away as Florida from folks asking what is being done to solve the mystery.

“With modern technology and the 911 service, I would think the State Police has the ability to trace that 911 call back to the owner of the cell phone,” said Mr. LaBonne in the e-mail, referencing the fact that the citizen who claim to actually see the object fall into the lake did not remain at the scene. “Once we have that person, hopefully he or she can direct us to the approximate location of the where this thing might be in the lake.”

Well, this has certainly been widely publicized as a “mystery”. There is no mystery here, no evidence of anything weird. Yet, the locals will take advantage of the publicity. Not new. Just visit Roswell(UFO) or Bluff Creek (Bigfoot).

[DN’s Chew also contributed to this story.]

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  1. April 13, 2012 at 11:18 AM

    I’ve seen a number of fireballs in my life. Universally they have been an awe-inspiring sight, yet at an altitude & distance impossible to accurately determine. Unless you just happen to be aiming a camera at that part of the sky and at the moment they appear, they’re also virtually impossible to image.

  2. daran
    April 13, 2012 at 6:13 PM

    One came that close to the taxi one night it lit the inside up like daylight, so close I thought we were going to get hit.
    I said to the passenger, “did you see that?”
    She said no. 3 years later I am still wondering how she missed
    it. Maybe she was visualising her bikini line tattoo that she was describing.

  3. Chew
    April 13, 2012 at 11:19 PM

    Back in the winter of ’95 I saw a green bolide (a fireball that explodes). It streaked across the sky then exploded and continued on two separate paths before fading. It only lasted a second. Green meteors are green, btw, because they are rich in copper.

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