Got a drafty door? A giant snake will fix that.

‘Snake’ found in Kingswells loft turned out to be draught excluder

A woman called in the Scottish SPCA after finding what she thought was a 5ft snake in her loft – but it turned out to be a lookalike draught excluder. Karen Hogg said the incident raised a smile.

Animal rescue officer Karen Hogg arrived at the rented home in Kingswells, near Aberdeen, to find the lady “very distressed”.

It turned out to be a large green and black snake-shaped draught excluder with a red felt tongue.

Tip: Fortean Times

This cracked me up. Who was the jokester who thought that was a good idea? CAUSE IT’S GENIUS! Reminds me of this story about a toy tiger causing panic from earlier this year.

We really are losing our connection to nature when we can’t tell a toy from the real thing. Or, maybe new glasses are in order…