Ghost doctors trying to drum up business but won’t answer requests

Back in March, we told you about the “Ghost Doctors” of NYC

The Ghost Doctors are tour guides, not scientists

Doubtful News emailed the “doctors” twice to find out exactly why they call themselves “doctors” and what their science qualification are. No reply was received either time.

This whole setup rubbed me the wrong way and every week since, via Google alerts, I’ve been reminded why…

Press release after press release…

Central Park NYC Top Rated Park in the World…For Ghosts
Beneath the Grand Central Terminal-Ghost Hunting
High Price of Gas Got You Down – Go Ghost Hunting
Queens New York City The Place for Ghosts
Metropolitan Museum of Art – a Paranormal Activity

AND they get rerun the next month!!!

For each event, they talk about how they have investigated it with their equipment and tell you about unsupported, very sciencey sounding explanations involving “energy” and paranormal activity. But the bottom line is they are selling you a spooky tour.

I don’t know why places like Grand Central and the Met allow ghost hunters in there.

I also wonder if the Ghost Doctors tactic of blanketing the media with press releases (that don’t seem to get picked up by other sources too much) are paying off. Sadly, they might be. Until the doctors can give me one STITCH of qualifications for their self-bestowed titles, I can’t help thinking of them as the ghost quacks.