Flying city sighting in Nigeria: UFO or sign from God

Nigeria: A Visit of the Unknown

This is an opinion piece, written by thoughtful researchers in Africa regarding an event that took place possibly a month ago. I found it totally fascinating for other reasons.

It tells the story of a Nigerian village that experienced a paranormal event – a claimed first UFO account in Nigeria. The entire town is affected. But, their perspective is so different than a western perspective. What they perceived the phenomena to be and its cause would seem very strange to us. Their description is bizarre as well. While officials are curious and wish to do an investigation of the repeated sighting, they have to put such things aside to deal with serious issues. It’s quite the thought-provoking piece about our concepts of UFOs, magical entities and paranormal experiences.

In what appeared to be a first time in recorded history, the nearest in semblance to the global paranormal phenomenon of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), also known as flying saucer, was sighted in Nigeria.

The place was a border village called Dulali, in Lanzai South Ward, Darazo Local Government of Bauchi State. Saidu Meshai Dulali, a popular hot tea brewer in the village, just finished his morning prayer at the Mosque and was stoking up the local stove for his day’s work.

Suddenly, he became aware of a pervading bright light enveloping the atmosphere, followed by a sudden realisation that the heavens were falling on the village. As he looked up at the encroaching sky, he saw the most amazing view of his forty years existence. According to him, “There appeared a wide, large mass of something that looked like a cloud from nowhere and it was flying slowly over the village just at the height of an average tree.

“The cloud was transparent and I saw beautiful tall buildings inside it, with tarred roads and cars. It was like a flying city. And from it I could hear the sound of machines making noise just as you would hear at Ashaka cement factory.”

If Saidu were the only witness of this extraordinary experience, it would have been impossible to take his testimony as a fact. But we discovered that the ‘flying city’ was witnessed by almost all the villagers, hundreds of them, the Chief Imam of the sole village Mosque inclusive. Children and adults all saw and corroborated the story.

The researchers noted the influence of religion and socio-cultural factors that became apparent saying that fear of UFOs was a western view. Here, it was seen as positive:

The villagers were of the consensus that what they witnessed was actually an act of God, for He alone is capable of making anything happen. According to Yau Kaugama, a Lanzai Ward political leader, who accompanied us to the interior village, “We believe it is a sign that in time to come something great will come out of that small village. Something like a great invention, that will affect the life of mankind.”

They mention that the activity of Jinn correlate quite neatly to what we might attribute to alien interference on earth.

What do the local officials think? They sound pretty reasonable:

When contacted, the Chairman of Darazo Local Government Area at the time of the sighting, Hon. Sabo Bako Sade, said that he was aware of the paranormal visitation at Lanzai and would have carried out a thorough investigation but was at that time of the incident occupied by the marauding armed robbers who were raiding police stations and robbing banks in his local government area.

Priorities, of course.

I am doubtful that this was the first reported UFO in Nigeria. It does not sound like any common UFO report though. It could be something completely different. The authors, Greg Odogwu and Mukhtar Lawal Suleiman, are researchers and producers of Paranormal Nigeria. But, still, please visit the above link and read this story. It’s important for critical thinkers to be open to new information and new perspectives. I’m not saying it really happened or calling it paranormal. I’m saying that the people of the village feel they have experienced something extraordinary. No harm was done to them and they feel special in what appears to be some rough times. The ufologists are already on this. It’s no more than a mysterious observation and lovely story that Charles Fort would have loved. I saw it as a reminder of differing worldviews of which it helps to be aware.

  4 comments for “Flying city sighting in Nigeria: UFO or sign from God

  1. April 25, 2012 at 6:26 PM

    This sounds like a “fata morgana” mirage to me, although I have no idea whether the meteorologic conditions at the time and place would have supported that. Brian Dunning has described the effect several times on Skeptoid and there’s a description here ( that starts out talking about “castles in the air” which sounds a lot like what these folks described. Interesting in any case.

  2. April 25, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    I thought so too. That’s why it’s odd they call it a “UFO” but “unidentified flying object” can be a city as well, I guess.

  3. Richard Cornford
    April 26, 2012 at 8:00 AM

    That was also my first thought but the report included mention of this phenomenon making sounds (“the sound of machines making noise just as you would hear at Ashaka cement factory”) which seems inconsistent with an atmospheric optical effect. And although Google maps does not appear to be familiar with a village named Dulali, looking at the area around “Lanzai, Bauchi, Nigeria” dose not reveal any obvious candidate settlements that could be a source for a projection of “tall buildings … , with tarred roads and cars”. Granted the observers could be pulling a lot more from their observations than was actually there, and judgments of what qualifies as “tall buildings” may vary a great deal depending on what you are used to, but suggesting “fata morgana” seems insufficient in this case.

  4. May 2, 2012 at 2:28 PM

    This takes us into the territory of “The (1917) Miracle of Fatima” – where 80,000 people reckoned they saw “the sun fall from the sky” or dance across it… or whatever… It’s hard to imagine how 80-thousand could have a simultaneous hallucination…. but, the thing is – the other billion or two on earth at the time failed to see the sun ‘dance’… and, besides, the sun doesn’t do (most of) the moving relative to us… so the only way the ‘sun’ could perform as reported is if the earth broke from it’s Keplarian orbit and violated Newton’s laws…. which is rather problematic given that 1) it would have torn the earth apart, 2) others beyond Fatima would sort have noticed, 3) the moon and other planets would have reacted according to gravitational forces and been flung into deep space… you get the picture.
    So – we’re left with a classic Occam’s Razor… we need to err on the side of caution and agree that it’s more likely that 80-thousand were wrong and the earth didn’t do a dance that billions at the time didn’t notice and the evidence doesn’t support.

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