Electromagnetic shield painting business booming

HAVE YOUR SAY: Just not what an Ormond doctor ordered – Caulfield Glen Eira Leader.

An Ormond doctor has had her home painted with electromagnetic shielding paint because she says smart meters in her street are making her ill.

Federica Lamech said she could not work due to debilitating health problems caused by smart meters – even through she did not have one in her own home.

Dr Lamech said she had suffered continuous palpitations, chest pain, lethargy, dizziness, fainting and insomnia since the meters were rolled out in her area in February.

“I am not able to function,” Dr Lamech said.

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Uh, yeah. Electromagnetic sensitivity is not a recognized medical condition. It’s not clear how one could make it through to middle age since we’ve been surrounded by these weak fields since we’ve been alive. But here is the scary part…

YShield Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding general manager David Mould said it had painted hundreds of houses since the smart meter rollout began.

“We’ve done four houses this week, in Ormond, East Bentleigh and St Kilda,” Mr Mould said last week.

“Demand is so high we’re having to book jobs weeks in advance.”

Well, he’s the one making lemonade out of these lemons, I guess. The paint contains carbon (no metal) but what kind, charcoal? I don’t know or if plain carbon is effective since I can find that only carbon nanotubes and carbon fiber were effective shields. But more sad is that people fall into such a state that they attribute their symptoms to some mystery miasma and become incapacitated. If you think you are allergic to EMF, then you can’t use a computer, watch TV, use a cell phone, go outside, YIKES.