Burzynski cancer treatment: The beat goes on

A few weeks ago I had noticed news that his hearing in front of the Texas Medical Board had been suspended. I didn’t know what that meant but the clinic treated it as good news. Dr. Burzynski has pending complaints against him to be addressed by the licensing board. As many readers know, the Burzynski clinic claims to be a cancer treatment center but the “experimental” treatment, antineoplastons (so far shown to be useless), costs $100K.

April 5, 2012 Update

This case has been postponed for now. We can’t thank you enough for your hard work in writing letters, emails, and making phone calls in opposition to this case. Here is the official statement from the Burzynski Clinic:

To all our friends and supporters following and praying for us in our travails with the Texas Medical Board.

Based on a ruling by the administrative law judges dismissing the majority of the case against Dr. Burzynski, the Board has sought and obtained permission to adjourn the hearing scheduled to begin on Wednesday, to try to convince the judges to change their minds, and reconsider whether it wants to continue pursuing Dr. Burzynski on these frivolous charges. No new hearing date has been set.

Frivolous charges? Not for you to decide, Stan.

Orac pens a blog post to update us on Burzynski’s cancer clinic and his clients. Orac and commentators run down the list of fundraising efforts for very ill people to receive this treatment and chastises the journalists who cover such stories. They have missed the biggest and saddest story of all.

Stanislaw Burzynski: Kind-hearted strangers and a failure of medical journalism

About two and a half weeks ago, I was disappointed to learn that Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski had somehow managed to delay justice again. At the time, I didn’t know what had happened other than that his hearing before the Texas Medical Board, which had been scheduled to begin on April 11 and to which I had been greatly looking forward, given that Dr. Burzynski could well have lost his Texas medical license if the hearing had gone against him. Fortunately, in the comments, readers informed me that this was nothing unusual, a continuance was issued due to legal maneuvering on both sides. Contrary to the claims posted by Eric Merola, the major charges against Burzynski still stand. We’re just going to have to wait longer than we had hoped. I suppose this shouldn’t have surprised me. After all, Burzynski’s hearing had originally been scheduled for January, and then it got delayed to April. Having it delayed a few more months is annoying, but the wheels of justice grind slowly.

Unfortunately, while those wheels are grinding slowly, Burzynski is still treating patients with advanced cancer with his antineoplastons, chemotherapy, “personalized, gene-targeted cancer therapy,” and sodium phenylbutyrate. As I’ve explained in excruciating detail in the preceding links, antineoplastons are not any sort of “miracle cure” for cancer, and the way he does “personalized, gene-targeted cancer therapy” can best be described as “making it up as he goes along” (I don’t mean that in a good way). Indeed, it’s not for nothing that I refer to Burzynski’s fumbling with genomic tests as being the equivalent of “personalized cancer therapy for dummies.” Yes, Dr. Burzynski’s cult of personality is — well — cultish to the point that it lures desperate patients to pay huge sums of money for his “clinical trials” that seemingly never end and for which he doesn’t report results.

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