Blame the noisy ghost

Woman who blamed late-night noise on poltergeist is evicted from home

A young mother has been taken to court after ignoring warnings to stop having loud all-night parties.

Leanne Fennell, 20, told her neighbours a poltergeist was to blame for the thumping music and rubbish strewn in the garden.

She has now been evicted from the home in Wexford Avenue, on the Greatfield estate in east Hull.

Hull City Council prosecuted Fennell after she ignored a noise abatement notice served earlier this year.

Fennell was found guilty in her absence of four breaches of the abatement notice banning loud music and raised voices and another requiring her to remove rubbish from the garden.

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A convenient and none-too-believeable excuse. The paranormal defense is getting to be a popular thing.

Blame the supernatural! Fun. After all, they are noisy ghosts.

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  1. brittany dao
    April 13, 2012 at 3:04 PM

    how is that possible this is confusing me so the neighbor is acusuing her of loud noises yet she claimes that she is not making them and so she is then removed from the house so then wouldnt people notice the noise if there was no one in that house when she was gone to the stor or with a friend? i mean look at the odds of it is this real or is it fake sorry im up in spirits today though the goosebumps are enough to prove me there is a ghost in my house i am ok with that fact though i have been able to sence their presince ever since i was five i have good conection with them and they have the same with me i love the company though i feel that they are lonley some times i feel like a mother to them they are the children that died i had two frends kill them selfs i feel that they are both here today with me keeping me safe from the world around me i don’t see a ghost as mean unless i run into one that is if i could but there is history to the house that i live in that it is said my house is haunted by the spirits that died here i have a cat two of them one died in a medical shelf another died in my basement of hunger and dehydration i hope i am right that is them and not the man that was with me last night i am deathly afraid for my nephew that there is a bad relationship with the spirit that is watching me tip out this note i can not say that it is bad for me but is it wrong to be in love with the dead to where i am in a relationship with on? what will happen if when its mad it try’s to hurt me what should i do?

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