Australian Vaccination Network reinstated as charity

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From the Facebook Page of the Australian Vaccination Network:

It also appeared in their newsletter:

After a very, very long battle, the AVN has finally had its authority to fundraise reinstated. The Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing (OLGR) has admitted that the ONLY reason why our fundraising authority was revoked was because of the warning issued by the HCCC. As you probably remember, we won our appeal against the HCCC due to the fact that both their investigation and the public warning they issued were illegal. Therefore, the revocation of our authority to fundraise was not correct and the OLGR have admitted as much and reinstated our fundraising authority.

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On 14 October 2010, a judge revoked the AVN’s authority to fundraise, meaning they are no longer permitted to conduct appeals or receive donations from members of the public. Reasons for the revocation were given as breaches of sections 31 (1) a, b and f of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991:

* Their fundraising appeals have not been conducted in good faith for charitable purposes;
* Their fundraising appeals have been improperly administered;
* Their fundraising activities are not in the public interest.

Here is the page that shows their license as current.

But here is what you should know about AVN if you really want to be informed.

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