Angels come in at night to clean the church frescoes

Macedonians Flock See to ‘Miraculous’ Frescoes

Frescoes that appear to have changed colours overnight have attracted thousands of Orthodox believers to the St Demetrius church in Skopje – though not everyone is persuaded it really is a miracle.

Long lines of people from all parts of the country have appeared since Monday in front of the church in Skopje, waiting to witness what they believe was a miracle.

The five-centuries-old church, especially known for its ancient wall paintings, has become the centre of attention since a TV news report about the unusual event this weekend.

The gold aureoles around the painted saints on the church walls became brighter overnight, local clergy claim, while the paint itself is noticeably sharper than before.

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Let’s look at the facts stated in this story:

The golden paintings have become brighter overnight.

There is construction going on that is preventing people from attending the church.

Photo by: Balkan Insight

People are seeing this as either a.) a miracle or b.) some explanation having to do with humidity or other natural cause.

“This is a message that we must immediately return to moral values, family and children, to preserve ourselves from the decadence we are facing”.

“I believe there is a reasonable scientific explanation,” he said smiling, “I do not wish to believe that priests would deliberately swindle people like this.”

National Conservation Centre has taken samples from the frescoes and says it is conducting analysis to see whether some atmospheric changes or change in the walls humidity might have been the cause.

In addition, note another fact that people are now FLOCKING to the church.

Photo by: Balkan Insight

With apologies to faith-based people, I’m going to be the downer on this. I don’t believe this is supernatural. Option a. and option b. are less convincing than option c.) Doing a little cleaning and promoting an uplifting miracle story is an easy way to inspire faith in the community and bring people back to the church. It worked. Claiming miracles ALWAYS works because people will believe nearly anything if they want to.

Note: All comments telling me I’m too smart for my own good will be deleted. I’m doing just fine in life sans miracles, thanks.

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    For some reason, related posts did not link to this story about another miracle drawing churchgoers.

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