2011: Measles roaring back thanks to anti-vax attitudes

CDC: 2011 was worst measles year in US in 15 years

Health officials say last year was the worst year for measles in the U.S. in 15 years.

There were 222 cases of measles reported. Most of the cases were imported — either by visiting foreigners or by U.S. residents who picked up the virus overseas.

Health official say outbreaks in the U.S. have been fueled by low vaccination rates in Europe and elsewhere.

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Here is a piece from the CDC report:

Measles elimination has been maintained in the United States for more than a decade through high population immunity secondary to high MMR vaccination coverage. Coverage with 1 dose has been >90% among children aged 19–35 months since 1996. The increase in measles importations and outbreaks during 2011 serves as a reminder that measles remains endemic in many parts of the world and unvaccinated U.S. residents continue to place themselves and others in their communities at risk for measles and its complications.

Translated: Vaccination WORKED like a charm up until recently when people decided to forego immunization because of misinformation and that we no longer remember how bad measles are. Now, bad choices threaten whole communities.