Your human devices are no match for elk

Gang of thieving Swedish elk caught in the act – The Local.

A family of mischievous elk have been photographed breaking into a barn in northern Sweden, providing the farmer an unexpected explanation as to why his horse food kept disappearing.

“I couldn’t believe it. The mother [elk] jumped the fence, walked up to the door, got down on her knees, and pushed the door open with her nose,” said photographer Nisse Schmidt to The Local.
Schmidt approached the mother elk, who then came out and stared him down for what he guessed was at least eight minutes, before the elk turned back and stood watch at the door while her calves took their fill.
Farmer Mosshäll says he is running out of options with the fearless mother elk.
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Ah, elk are pretty crafty. The adults jumped the fence and the youngsters went underneath. Unintimidated by the measly human attempts at securing the food, the animals find a way to claim it. Sometimes we underestimate common sources that do things a bit out of the ordinary. This reminds me of stories about super pets or that “no regular animal couldn’t do that”. Maybe they did. We underestimate them.
Now, the poor farmer has to figure out what do to make this elk family fear humans again…