When new parents do irrational things… Eww, don’t eat that.

I Regret Eating My Placenta

As a first-time pregnant lady living in crunchy Santa Monica, Calif., next to a raw food restaurant and a seemingly oxymoronic homeopathic pharmacy, hiring a so-called celebrity placenta processor seemed to make sense. Even the hospital birth class had suggested the practice of eating one’s own placenta as a natural way to ward off postpartum depression. It’s normal. It’s natural.

Additional potential benefits of a placenta pill included the ability to improve breast milk supply, increase energy and even prevent aging. Talk about a miracle pill! Who wouldn’t sign up for placentophagia, the scientific word (usually referring to animals) for the practice of eating one’s own placenta?

Source: New York Times

The author goes on to tell of her experience saving the placenta, having it made into pills and then, having a bad time…

Maybe it was sheer coincidence that I went nuts right after I started taking my placental pills and returned to normal almost immediately after stopping. If I had continued, I might not have all this new gray hair, and I might have lost this stubborn baby weight faster. Who knows? I do know that I regret eating my placenta — if only because I am disappointed in myself for letting fear and insecurity cause me to make a potentially dangerous decision without doing due diligence on its safety.

And her point is well taken. She understands it may not have been the pills but her anxiety over parenthood caused her to do this. Maybe this is a hint about what silliness other parents do – alt med, worrying about vaccinations, overparenting, paranoia over unlikely things… Even rational people can get sucked in by the irrational.