UFO Disclosure Petition Part Two fails to get the signatures

Remember the Disclosure petition to the White House to reveal information that would prove the existence of extraterrestrials and alien contact with certain members of government? Well, fail…

The Canadian National Newspaper: UFO Disclosure Petition fails U.S. Congress.

This week, the UFO community suffered a staggering blow to the claims of UFO Cover-up/Conspiracies, and I hope a well needed “wake-up” call when the The Disclosure Petition II – The Rockefeller Petition put forth by Stephen Bassett did not achieve the necessary signatures to require a response from the White House and was removed from “We the People” on March 25, 2012.

The Disclosure Petition II was posted on the White House website for sixty days (including the first submission on December 1, 2011) and drew minor media attention from accredited journalists, radio/TV, but mostly from internet bloggers and UFO enthusiasts.

Source: The Canadian (http://s.tt/18pxz)

They needed 25,000 people to sign on. Out of  6.8 billion people on earth, they only got 6,937 (18,063 short.) Oops. Guess support isn’t so hot.

Funny, this came up in a Canadian paper….

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  1. March 29, 2012 at 10:27 PM

    Just saw this on Skeptic.com. As I said there, a faculty member here is part of the Disclosure Project; I shall have to try very hard not to giggle uncontrollably in his presence.

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