Touching story of emails from a dead friend

BBC News – Emails from dead man’s account spook loved ones.

After a young man in the US state of Pennsylvania died last summer, three of his friends began receiving emails from his account.

While his loved ones understand that these emails aren’t really messages from the beyond, the brief notes still provide an unexpected connection with their late friend, and have helped with the grieving process.

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Please go to the link above and watch the video (will open in a new window/tab). I can’t embed it here.

I have to say that this video affected me. For one, I grew up not far from this town in PA and know how close knit the communities are. But, also, imagine this happened to you and you were NOT a believer in ghosts and spirits. Regardless that you would guess it was someone using the account, it is jarring to be reminded of such a personal loss in this unique and surprising way.

I liked the way the BBC presented this story, that this is likely NOT supernatural but served a very natural purpose of helping these people through their grief. It’s important to keep in mind when psychics and ghost hunters say they communicate with loved ones that have passed, this is a very emotional, sensitive area. We should be aware of that and respond with compassion.

Dr. David Clarke speaks to folklore and technology aspect in his post here. It was inevitable that such a story would come to pass:

Rather than providing proof of life after death, this narrative may tell us more about the needs of the living. It is certainly folklore in the making.

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  1. March 13, 2012 at 9:10 PM

    I really enjoyed the video. Unfortunately there are those who actually enjoy messing with someone’s head, but I think it is equally as possible that the emails are authentic. There are many people who have received computer, as well as cell phone messages from the deceased.

    Why do people find it so impossible. It’s all energy in varying frequencies.

  2. March 14, 2012 at 12:29 PM

    You will have to explain the “energy in varying frequencies” because how can you generate energy when you are dead? When the body quits, no more energy is produced and there is no evidence that we can transmit it anywhere or sustain it in some form.

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