This bird is all legs: How would this chick go over in the U.S.?

Four-legged chicken bought from supermarket scares consumer | China Buzz.

March 18, a citizen from Changsha City, surnamed Tian, was scared to find that a frozen chicken she bought from a supermarket had four legs when she was cleaning it to prepare for dinner.

…a professor from Central South University of Forestry & Technology, reached by the reporters, said that this kind of chicken generally has no harm to human’s health and is edible, though it may be discomforting to people’s sense organs.

The professor explained, it is a deformed chicken whose embryo, during development, might have been affected by different kinds of factors, like radioactivity in the living environment or the high metal level in feed. This birth defect usually has the extra limb shrunken or deformed too.

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I immediately thought that there would be no way that such a bird would make it to market in the U.S. or other country with more stringent food laws. So many weird food stories come out of China – tainted milk, rubbery eggs, now 4 legged chickens. This does reflect poorly on their food safety standards even though (they say) the chicken is safe to eat. Didn’t anyone notice this before the person who bought it?