Think measles is not a big deal?

Eliminating measles – personal stories Euronews.

Nastasia has made a spectacular recovery. Just a year ago she was in a coma after contracting measles. The 16 year old who lives in Valence, in the South-East of France suddenly complained of a sore throat, red spots appeared and she had a high temperature. After one week at 41°C, she was hospitalised, diagnosed with encephalitis.

Nastasia was in a coma for 12 days. It took her four months to recover.

“The first things I remember are the physiotherapy sessions, because I was tetraplegic. After three weeks of physiotherapy, I could walk again, I could even climb the stairs. For one week, I could not speak.

Nastasia is one of many victims of the measles epidemic that has been thriving in Europe over the past few years.

The highly contagious disease can lead to serious complications: pneumonia, otitis, diarrhoea and neurological problems.

Over the past three years, in about a quarter of cases, hospitalisation has been necessary.

In 2011, more than 30,000 people contracted measles in Europe. There were as many cases in 2010, that’s four times more than in 2009.

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Natasia’s Mom treated her with homeopathy and thought it best she boost her own immune system without vaccines. Saying that is unwise is an understatement.

Ninety per cent of the cases in Europe have been reported in five countries: France, Italy, Romania, Spain and Germany. The vast majority of victims to the disease were not vaccinated or not sufficiently so. France has been the hardest hit. Eight patients died of measles complications, six in France.

THIS IS A PREVENTABLE DISEASE. I’m appalled at parents who would forego immunizations and risk that their child would succumb to this.

The article notes that people forget to vaccinate or are nervous about side effects (shown to be unfounded). When parents search the web, they find misleading information about vaccine safety. And, they may believe it and choose not to vaccinate. Just. Awful.

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