Strange glow in New Jersey sky concerns locals

N.J. residents baffled over strange glow in sky

Parts of the Union County sky lit up early this morning, prompting a few strained necks and concerned phone calls from residents wondering what exactly was causing that glow.

A house fire? No. An explosion? No. Extra-terrestrials looking for runway clearance at Newark Airport? Sadly, no.

The truth, it seems, is far more pedestrian. A ConocoPhillips refinery in Linden was releasing excess gas, which burned bright against the foggy night sky, said Elizabeth Police Officer Thomas Glackin.


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A perfectly natural explanation for an anomaly. Granted, this story has so far not gotten any news coverage by UFOlogists claiming alien invaders or chemtrail conspiracists. Perhaps because the explanation came about rather quickly and put the kibosh on more out-of-this-world ideas. That’s important. Get to it before speculation ramps up.

I used to see an orange glow from the local mall parking lot, stadium and ski resort when the clouds were low which reflected the lights. When conditions change or something different is going on, it can be disconcerting. But consideration of more mundane explanations should be first before jumping to a wild conclusion.

What caught my notice in this story as well as some other anomalies that actually have some merit, is that PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION. They report what seems odd. If only one person reports it, then it truly is ODD and something to be skeptical about.