Psychics huge in Japan: Not a good sign for the future

Seared by the Seer: Actress Tomoko Nakajima’s Fortune Telling Scandal – Japan WSJ.

…the tabloid press has been running wild with the story of an actress whose career was ruined when a fortune teller allegedly brainwashed her. It’s a tale that resonates in a country where soothsaying is a multimillion yen business, and celebrities and seers often bump shoulders.

The star in question is Tomoko Nakajima, one half of a popular comedy duo from the 1990s, who has reportedly been living with a female mystic for three years. Under the mystic’s control, Ms. Nakajima drastically gained weight, withdrew from work and left $125,000 in unpaid rent, which ultimately led her landlord to sue for eviction last week, according to the Japanese press.

In Japan, the worlds of fame and fortune-telling often blur. Fortune tellers don’t just predict the futures of actors and actresses, they can become celebrities in their own right.

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So, Japan has it just as bad, maybe worse… relying on superstition instead of reason.

In the tech savvy Japanese pop culture, mobile fortune telling generates over Y20 billion a year. Wow. Not a good sign for the future, I’d say.