Psychic surgery a sham, yet people believe

Ill flock to Brazil ‘psychic surgeon’ John of God

John of God grabs what looks like a kitchen knife from a silver tray and appears to scrape it over the right eye of a believer.

The “psychic surgeon” then wipes a viscous substance from the blade onto the patient’s shirt.

The procedure is repeated on the left eye of Juan Carlos Arguelles, who recently traveled thousands of miles from Colombia to see the healer.

“Psychic surgeons” are mostly concentrated in Brazil and the Philippines with roots in spiritualist movements that believe spirits of the dead can communicate with the living. Like Faria, they often appear to go into a trance while doing their work, allowing God, dead doctors or other spirits to flow through them.

Such practices have been roundly denounced.

The American Cancer Society has said practitioners of psychic surgery use sleight of hand and animal body parts during procedures to convince patients that what ails them has been snatched away.

But Arguelles, the 29-year-old Colombian who had his eyes worked on by John of God, doesn’t care what the medical establishment says.

Source: The Morning Heresy, CFI blogs

Psychic surgery is a sham, all right. It’s been exposed over and over again. Here is one of the those exposures of John of God. What’s horrendous is that anyone could believe such a thing is real. But, many still do.

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  1. Andrew
    March 26, 2012 at 5:14 PM

    I always blame the practitioner before the patients because they know it’s an absolute scam. Do the people who go to such charlatans do so at the first sign of disease or as the last gasp of hope? Is the belief out of desperation? One would assume they are getting some form of medical treatment to receive the cancer diagnosis, so you have to wonder how did they end up at the hands of the hate feeler?(Must resist urge to post Alex Harvey!) When someone is desperate enough, false hope tends to beat out critical thinking.

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