Phoenix “news flash” and other high lights

Two stories out of Phoenix today about mystery lights. Curiously, it’s the 15th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights incident with a new documentary set to premier. First, a mystery flash…

Mysterious Light Flashes During Traffic on Fox 10

A bright light appeared during one of Andrea Robinson’s traffic hits Thursday morning.

Fox 10 checked with APS and Salt River Project to see if a transformer had blown, but that was not the case.

The flash appeared in the area just to the right of Andrea’s head.

Here is the video

It has not been determined what it was though it could be many things.

The second one sticks around a bit longer…

UFO caught on tape in Valley? Investigators plan to find out.

About a week from the 15th anniversary of the ‘Phoenix Lights’ event , a new set of lights has national UFO investigators taking a close look at the skies over the Valley.

In two clips totaling about four minutes, a Valley resident videotaped an eye-catching series of lights in the night sky over north Phoenix near Cave Creek.

The person recorded the “V” shaped object about 10 days ago.The sighting comes just as a new documentary on the ‘Phoenix Lights’ sighting is set to be unveiled at a Scottsdale movie theatre Sunday.

This is almost certainly LED lights attached to something. There are a plethora of such hoaxes that have been made and admitted. But, I would also guess that it is certainly related (probably unofficially) to the anniversary just to draw attention back to the subject.

The Phoenix lights themselves were concluded to be a hoax here.

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SOLVED: Click here for update.