Omaha professor claims aliens are here. Evidence? He saw a spaceship.

A piece on the Paranormal Symposium at the University of Nebraska at Omaha

UNO prof: Aliens ‘here now, observing’

“There’s been more than one alien civilization that’s been here, observing,” said Dave Pares, a UNO professor of geography and meteorology. “They are here now, observing.”

Pares spoke at a Sunday afternoon session about how UFOs travel in space. He said there are several possible ways to do it: through a wormhole, using dark matter or nuclear fusion, for instance.

“It’s like in ‘Star Trek,’ ” Pares joked.

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This professor is on thin ice with this claim. According to this article, the reason he has this belief is because he saw a spaceship and it “changed [his] life”. If you want to believe, go right ahead. But, I’m quite stunned that a science professor can make such ridiculous claims based on flimsy evidence.

You want to be scientific, you need to supply more than eyewitness accounts. You need to make a case that the rest of the scientific community accepts. And not use reference to sci-fi…

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  1. Phil
    March 14, 2012 at 7:36 PM

    He’s an adjunct professor of geography and meteorology! Ha ha! Meanwhile, two of your mysteries this week (the Austrian hole and Lizzie Borden) are tackled by historians. Go liberal arts, go!

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