Natural medicine college in Oregon expanding

National College of Natural Medicine has big plans for development | Daily Journal of Commerce.

As the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland continues to draw increasing numbers of students, officials are preparing for more growth. This month, they will present an initial concept for a conditional-use master plan to double the private institution’s floor space at its campus south of downtown over the next 10 to 20 years.

“In 2010, at least 40 percent of Americans were turning toward complementary and alternative medicines in some way for their health care needs, whether it’s supplements or seeing practitioners,” said Marilynn Considine, director of public relations and communications for the college. “And that is continuing to grow. And as that interest continues to develop, more and more students are interested in natural health care as well.”

Since 2005, enrollment at the college has increased 38 percent to 550 students; Considine said that number is expected to reach 1,100 by 2022. NCNM, founded in 1956, is the oldest accredited naturopathic institute in North America, and it needs more space.

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As some reputable schools opt out of these types of non-scientific based programs, private schools like this are thriving. People see money in these careers. The only way we can stop this growth is to eschew such treatments. It will never go away for obvious reasons. Is there room in health care for natural care? I wonder if eventually the nonsense portion of these practitioners will fade away. Yes, I’m trying to be optimistic.

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  1. Paul Michael
    March 31, 2012 at 7:45 PM

    The worst news is NCNM qualifies for Financial Aid so we are all paying for this fraud.

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