Mother and son in separate head-on crashes minutes apart

Mum, son survive ‘bizarre’ crashes.

A mother and her son survived two separate head-on crashes within four minutes of each other on the Kapiti Coast.

Annie Price, 65, of Wellington, is in intensive care after a freak accident at Pukerua Bay.

She was driving north through the township in her Suzuki Escudo when a tyre came off a ute and hit her vehicle, causing her to cross the centre line and crash head-on into an oncoming car.

Just four minutes earlier, her son had also been involved in a head-on smash…

Sergeant Mike George said it was “incredible and bizarre” that both mother and son were involved in head-on crashes, in which neither was at fault, within four minutes of each other.

“It was very, very bizarre. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.”

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Coincidence? Yes. Cause that’s what coincidences are. Is someone going to tell me they angered a god? Crap happens. I feel bad for the family when trouble gets piled on like this.