More hype from the Out-of-Body Experience Research Center

Near-Death Experiences are Lucid Dreams, Experiment Finds – Yahoo! News.

In a new exercise by a California organization that studies lucid dreaming, volunteers have been conditioned to dream near-death experiences, including the classic scenario of flying toward a light at the end of a tunnel. The researchers say their experiment demonstrates that these heavenly visions must be products of the human mind rather than supernatural phenomena.

In the sleep experiment at the Out-Of-Body Experience Research Center in Los Angeles, four groups of 10 to 20 volunteers were trained to perform a series of mental steps upon awakening during the night that might lead them to have out-of-body experiences. If able to “separate” from their bodies, they were then conditioned to try dreaming about floating through a tunnel toward a bright light. Eighteen of the volunteers said they were able to dream such an experience.

“Some of the test subjects not only succeeded in reproducing the out-of-body flight through a tunnel, but also enjoyed the ecstasy typical of the experience, and even flew all the way to the light and met their deceased relatives there,” center leader Michael Raduga stated in a press release about the work, which has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Tip: Multiple Sources

This story is a few days old. I did not originally post it when I first heard about it because I was VERY unimpressed. You should be too. Here’s why:

  • Out-Of-Body Experience Research Center (WHAT? Sounds awfully biased.) Does THIS look fact-based?
  • Volunteers have been conditioned to dream near-death experiences (So? How is that instructive in learning what OOBE are? There is a bias here and not a clear research question established. The center admits to promoting these “phases”.)
  • Not been published in a peer-reviewed journal (self explanatory)

Not scientific, not scientific, not scientific. The only reason why I am putting it out there is to rant about how shoddy this study sounds.

I credit @dailygrail for reminding me that Raduga is a shameless self promoter. Last October, he pulled this as well: Mass Alien Abduction Experiment connected to UCLA Nonsense. And non-science.

Want credibility? Do research with proper methodology and publish. And shame on the media for hyping it!

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  1. Massachusetts
    March 21, 2012 at 9:53 AM

    OK, so they are saying that out of body experience are a product of the human mind. Does that mean they are psychological in nature, and not a manifestation of a soul leaving the body? So are they refuting the spiritual / religious explanation we always here, or embracing it?

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